Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ayden's First Zoo Visit

Our grandson Ayden came for a visit in May and we got to take him on his first visit to the zoo. We went to Lincoln Zoo in Chicago. What a wonderful trip. Ayden and grandpa had such a great time!
To make this album I used 2 packs of the paper from Echo Park called Jungle Safari. It was so perfect I could not resist. The polka dot paper used is also Echo Park but it is not from this collection. I made the book for Amanda, our daughter. So she can cherish and remember the great time we had together. And, of course, those cute faces Ayden makes.

This is the cover

This is the inside cover. I made a huge expandable pocket so she can add her own photos when she receives the book.

Page one. All the pages have a pull out flap with room for 4  4x6 photos.

Top flap of the first page

Open the flap and we have penguins!!

This is the other side of that first pull out flap

The back side of page 1 is Polar Bears. Poor thing paced back and forth in the same spot like he was putting on a show or just plain bored.

Open the flap to the side and there he is...just pacing lol. 

The back side of the Polar Bears was the Rhino....He did not want to sit still either. He was kind of hard to capture a photo of. 

After opening the flap all the way there is a JUNGLE pocket that I put a photo of Mr. Zebra into. He was an AMAZING Zebra!!

Page 2 is another pull out flap, is Aydens Uncle Matthew. Playing on the bed in the hotel room. 

Underneath the flap is a waterfall. I left the it empty so Amanda could put some of her photos here. They all flip up so photos can go on the front and on the back.

Uncle Matthew and Ayden

On the back of page 2 is a SAFARI pocket that has a photo of Grandma and Ayden. Such a cutie he is!

Page 3 pull out is the start of the birds. They were so very cool. 

I put the photo on one side and the description of the bird on the other side. 

This is the back side of the pull out flap.

Underneath the birds on page 4 is the Gorillas and Monkeys....Grandpa calls Ayden his little Monkey (tee hee)



Grandpa holding his lil Monkey lol

On the back side of page 3 is another huge pocket. Amanda can fill the pocket and put photos on the top and bottom as well 

This pocket will hold "dozens" of photos

On Page 4 we have Ayden on the pull out flap so his other grandmas house were we all went for dinner after the Zoo.

The pull out flap photos

The back side of the pullout photos

Mr. Giraffe was so tall I had to wait for him to bend down so I could him all in the photo

The backside of page 4 is the BIG lion and his lioness. He came out and was pacing like he was going to jump up on the rocks by the ladies, then changed his mind. We were disappointed. 

When you open the top and bottom flaps of this page there are more photos of the Lions. We also took a video.

They looked so friendly not real scary.

Under those flaps is another pocket with Grandpa and Ayden and the big Lion behind them 

The last pull out flap is Grandpa being silly with Ayden.

The last page, page 5, is Grandma measuring Ayden on the zoo height stick. 

The back side of page 5 is more waterfall flaps for Amanda to fill with her own photos

This is the back page

This photo is the back cover of the book. 

I used burlap on the binding of the book. I thought it was a great match.

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Ayden's First Zoo Visit

Our grandson Ayden came for a visit in May and we got to take him on his first visit to the zoo. We went to Lincoln Zoo in Chicago. What ...