Thursday, March 29, 2018

Moms Gardens

 I came across these photos of mom and dads gardens. I couldn't pass it up. I had to scrap a few layouts with it! Their gardens were sooooo beautiful

                                                                        Every single one of their gardens were tended to like it was their pride and joy...the key word is JOY. They would get up before the sun to get out in the gardens and weed and water and care for those flowers and veggies.
Mom and dad canned all their fruits and veggies too. Pickles, beets, tomatoes, applesauce, jams and jellies, oh and Red Hot Cinnamon apple rings. Nummmmo

I remember vividly all their gardens. I drive by the house yet but the new owners never saved the gardens. That makes me sad but at least we have the memories. The sweet sweet memories.

Now I dream of our gardens being so beautiful. This year, will be our year for those gorgeous gardens.

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