Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Autumn is in the Air $15.00

 I love making autumn photo albums. The colors are always so beautiful. You get to choose from bright patterns or soft elegant leave patterns. Either way, I love them.
 I covered the binding on this with a course ribbon. I love it because it is glittery yet soft.

 Plenty of room for photos. 15 spaces 3 x 3.5 on the waterfall and 6 tags of various sizes. You can always add more photos in the pocket as well.

 I made lots of tags so you can add photos to the fronts and backs or to one side and journal on the other. Lots of space.

 Pretty paper on the waterfall. I love the pumpkins :)

Is this wreath just beautiful? I love it!!
Thanks for looking and if you like what you see, please share it for me. Thanks.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Butterfly Kisses - $25.oo SOLD

     This is a new one I picked up off Pinterest this month! I LOVE this book.  It was fun to make and so very easy too. The paper is Butterfly Kisses by Bo Bunny. This paper is absolutely beautiful! Its one of those papers you hate to cut and you take put in your hoard stash....ya, I saved some lol. I did not put any embellishments on this book because the papers do not need it. I did a little glossy accents on the jars on the cover but that was it. Ton and Tons of room for photos and for 
Journaling in the little book. Go ahead. Try one. God Bless

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy Un-Birthday to Me!!

Every year I post this same unbirthday message. I like it, I do it for me. This year, i have added a photo of me as a baby. This is a photo we did not know even existed. I have come to be friends with my sister from birth Teresa. She gave me this photo of me as a baby. You have no idea how it felt inside to see this...me...for the first time in 50 years....I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this little photo of "me". 
8/2/16:  When I celebrate my Un-Birthday ever year, it was something that was celebrated between my Dad, my Mom and I. They are both gone now, and have sadly taken my Un-birthday with them.  Its not a "real" birthday but it was fun while I had it. Mom & Dad would call every year, sometimes cake, sometimes a movie (one year the Muppets Movie), one year a bike, but most years just talking about the memories we had together. I am very sad today. You don't miss something until it is gone, right?  
On September 18, 1967 I was admitted into Cook County hospital -Chicago Ill. I was there for Battered Child Syndrome. I didnt know it then but this was to be the pattern of most of my life.

On November 6, 1967 I was finally discharged to a family in Rothschild who took me into their already LARGE and growing family to give me a place to call home. I didnt talk and I was not a normal child of 3.

On August 2, 1971 they adopted me into their family (even though they were pregnant with their own child at the same time *Melanie*). Melanie was born July 22 and I was adopted 10 days later. In the many many years since I have gone through some very wonderful things and some very horrible things. I honestly do not know why I am alive yet except to say God has a purpose for me.

This is the day I celebrate my "Adopted" Birthday! I celebrate it because without the love and compation of that family...ALL of them, I would NOT be here. I was pulled from the gutter (literally) and given a second chance at life.
Up until now, I did not understand what or why all the things in my life happened or why I survived them all. I dont have to understand them. I have to understand me.
Even if nobody else in the world needs me, loves me or cares about me...I do and God does. I regret that it took me 46 years to figure that out but I have and now..I am living it.

I am thanking all of the Kujawa's....without each and everyone of you excepting me and loving me for who I am....even when I was 3 and speechless...I would not be here today. I cannot even guess what would have happened to me.

I love you all
I am forever in your debt. I Love You

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