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Candy Cane $10.00

My Candy Cane Christmas Folio
I love this folio. It's candy cane sweet (ha ha) I would almost hate to put photos in it the paper is so cute. I have made mini albums and scrapbook pages and flip books of all kinds. The waterfall folio is my favorite. Favorite to make and favorite to sell. Everyone loves them because they are practical. When you have an event, you take 25-50 photos and sometimes even more ... if you are like me. But, how many do you actually print and want to keep. 15-20 is more like it. 

The waterfall holds 16 photos on the fronts and backs. 17 if you use the underneath mat at the bottom. There is also a side pocket that holds some tags. You can also use the pocket to hold all those extra photos you have left from the event.  

Here are the journaling tags and photo tags I made to put in the pocket of the folio. You can also put a photo on the front and journal all about the event on the back. 

I know I have made a lot of these. If you ever use You Tube go to My Sisters…