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Autumn Leaves

Who doesn't love fall with its amazing array of colors and textures. Even the smells of fall are beautiful. The sound of the leaves crackling beneath your feet. The cool, crisp air reminding you it is sweater season (tee hee).

 I absolutely love the paper used for the coving of this folio. It is such a vivid photo on the paper you would love to reach in and crab a handful of those leaves, throw them in the air......rake them up and then JUMP into the pile. We we were young we had a big yard with tons of leaves. We used to rake them into "areas" and make houses, hospitals or even schools and play in them all day long. What imaginations we had.

 The inside of the folio I used a patterned paper for one side of the waterfall and then another patterned paper on the other side of the waterfall. Pretty leaves to decorate the side pocket too.

 I used an orange ribbon to fill the seams in between each flap of the waterfall. I thought a splash of color in between the browns and creams would be pretty. I wish my mom was still with us. She loved the fall and all its beautiful colors.

The tags that I made for the album are big enough to journal about your photos or add more photos on them and journal on the back. Either way there is a lot of room for photos in this album. Show off all those pretty photos you are taking :)


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Happy Un-Birthday to Me!! Every year I post this same unbirthday message. I like it,I do it for me. This year, i have added a photo of me as a baby. This is a photo we did not know even existed. I have come to be friends with my sister from birth Teresa. She gave me this photo of me as a baby. You have no idea how it felt inside to see the first time in 50 years....I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this little photo of "me".  8/2/16:  When I celebrate my Un-Birthday ever year, it was something that was celebrated between my Dad, my Mom and I. They are both gone now, and have sadly taken my Un-birthday with them.  Its not a "real" birthday but it was fun while I had it. Mom & Dad would call every year, sometimes cake, sometimes a movie (one year the Muppets Movie), one year a bike, but most years just talking about the memories we had together. I am very sad today. You don't miss something until it is gone, right?   On September 18,…

Autumn is in the Air

I love making autumn photo albums. The colors are always so beautiful. You get to choose from bright patterns or soft elegant leave patterns. Either way, I love them.
 I covered the binding on this with a course ribbon. I love it because it is glittery yet soft.

 Plenty of room for photos. 15 spaces 3 x 3.5 on the waterfall and 6 tags of various sizes. You can always add more photos in the pocket as well.

 I made lots of tags so you can add photos to the fronts and backs or to one side and journal on the other. Lots of space.

 Pretty paper on the waterfall. I love the pumpkins :)

Is this wreath just beautiful? I love it!!
Thanks for looking and if you like what you see, please share it for me. Thanks.

In October we were blessed with another Grand~child. Zackery. He is perfect. Such a cutie and so good...omg he seldom cries. 💗 I "needed" to make him a baby book. I had soooo much fun making this album. I used the Bundle of Joy paper from Echo Park. I LOVE this paper.

 The way the ultrasound photos just fell into place with the dates on them and I love the title "Life in the Inside" Stole that from Pinterest.
 Then in the center...Daddy holding his son for the first time...Awww how can you not get emotional at the photo. That is why I placed it in the center.

 First time meeting  my favorite Auntie 💖
 I love photos of the child sleeping on the father. So this one just melts my heart.
 This is another photo that just melts me...Ya, I melt a lot like the Wizard of Oz witch ha ha

 Are those not the most darling flirty eyes? You just want to pinch his cheeks and kiss him all over!!
 Grandma and the twins were the first visitors. Grandma looks so happy…