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Autumn Leaves $10.00

Who doesn't love fall with its amazing array of colors and textures. Even the smells of fall are beautiful. The sound of the leaves crackling beneath your feet. The cool, crisp air reminding you it is sweater season (tee hee).

 I absolutely love the paper used for the coving of this folio. It is such a vivid photo on the paper you would love to reach in and crab a handful of those leaves, throw them in the air......rake them up and then JUMP into the pile. We we were young we had a big yard with tons of leaves. We used to rake them into "areas" and make houses, hospitals or even schools and play in them all day long. What imaginations we had.

 The inside of the folio I used a patterned paper for one side of the waterfall and then another patterned paper on the other side of the waterfall. Pretty leaves to decorate the side pocket too.

 I used an orange ribbon to fill the seams in between each flap of the waterfall. I thought a splash of color in between the browns and c…