Thursday, April 12, 2018

FUN Therapy

 I made this tag for a swap that we were doing in one of my facebook groups. I loved it so much I hated to see it go lol. I love the white on the black background. I also embossed the white. Then adding in the purple was amazing! 

I added a few butterflies and a few tags I made. Added a little bling and it was done. I really love it so much that I think I will make some more of them in bookmark style.

  These are a few bookmarks I made for the same swap. Theses were the ones that were traded. The purple one was for the person who organized it. I thought these turned out cute. It's a little bit different because you really cannot put a lot of bling on bookmarks. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Moms Gardens

 I came across these photos of mom and dads gardens. I couldn't pass it up. I had to scrap a few layouts with it! Their gardens were sooooo beautiful

                                                                        Every single one of their gardens were tended to like it was their pride and joy...the key word is JOY. They would get up before the sun to get out in the gardens and weed and water and care for those flowers and veggies.
Mom and dad canned all their fruits and veggies too. Pickles, beets, tomatoes, applesauce, jams and jellies, oh and Red Hot Cinnamon apple rings. Nummmmo

I remember vividly all their gardens. I drive by the house yet but the new owners never saved the gardens. That makes me sad but at least we have the memories. The sweet sweet memories.

Now I dream of our gardens being so beautiful. This year, will be our year for those gorgeous gardens.

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Friday, March 16, 2018


Happy Spring?? Well, almost spring and just the thought of it makes me happy! One of the Facebook groups I belong to is 4G's Girls, Giggles, Glitter and Glue. It is a fabulous bunch of ladies!

We have an exchange coming up that is a SPRINGTIME Welcome Sign. This is mine. So I made this one that says "HAPPY SPRING" across the plaque on the little flags that are strung across it. I made little glitter clouds and a bright beautiful sun. Some little bunnies and some pretty birds to add cheer. 
I am really happy with how it turned out. If you like what I have made, please leave me a comment. Have a great day and soon......HAPPY SPRING!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I actually saw this on You Tube. I could help but try one. Once I did I was hooked and made several! I have a magnet on the flap so it stays closed. Inside there are 6 Birthday cards and matching envelopes. I KNOW I am making more. They are so easy and so much fun to make. I have different styles of patterned cardstock and paper that I cannot wait to make into these card holders. 

Arent they just adorable. Now I am going to go make more. If you like them please leave a comment for me :)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

SOLD Happy Birthday $15 for the set

Little Monsters Birthday card and small photo album to show off that birthday!

That monster is so stinkin cute. I put glossy accent on those bug eyes lol

There is an outside cover on the album and I have the flaps magnetized to hold it together

Okay, you know that was cute 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018



A friend asked me to make her another baby book. This time it is a BOY! I was so excited to get started. The first page is the same for both the books I made her. This gift wrapped piece in the middle of the page is an expandable section for the ultrasound photos. It holds 8 of them and then folds back up.

The next page is mom and dad holding baby....usually for the first time.This always deserves a special page 

Little guy. More than just the traditional blues we went with woodsy colors and greens and earth tones. I think the colors went very well together. I didn't use just one paper pack. I used a bunch of different ones. 

Storks!! We have to have storks lol

Sooo adorable. The clothesline with the little socks and clothes are adorable. It also has a tag so she can journal the events of the photos 

This page holds 12 little photos and 1 in the center. Traditionally it is used to put a picture of each month. 

See the turtles? It is actually a little booklet that holds several photos PLUS you can put photos directly on the page. Cute huh?

It was a complete Joy to make another album for the Mommy to be. I love to create all my albums but when its a friend, someone you know, and when they are a previous customer it just makes my heart sing!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

WINTER $50.00 plus shipping
Yes, I did another winter album. These folio books are totally awesome! I love them and every time I get a new style of paper I want to make another one.
I know it is hard to see but this paper is full of gold and blues. The papers are glittery and embossed. It is so beautiful that I am going to keep this one for myself.  This is the front cover. Too beautiful to add embellishments. So I left it plain.

Open the folio and it looks like this. The bird tags open up to reveal places for photos. I will have to post this book again after I fill it with photos.  

Open it one more time and it reveals pockets for single photos you can just back on cardstock and then pot in the pockets. Both sides of this folio are a mirror image of the other. On the right side of the page is a belly flap and that lifts up to reveal more photos.

See, flips up and holds more and you can put photos right on the flap itself. All those cool tags are made so you can put photos on the back or on both sides.

Close the flap and turn the page. Ta-da!! More places for photos and more flaps. This paper is so gorgeous and it is hard enough to cut the paper much less putting photos on it to cover it.

Even when you flip the pages open, the paper is so pretty.

At the very end of the album is a 3 page folio. Very cool. They are full pages . No flaps, pockets or anything. 

FUN Therapy

 I made this tag for a swap that we were doing in one of my facebook groups. I loved it so much I hated to see it go lol. I love ...